Work for others sucks, but i'm learning so much

Well i've got to say that july has been a really hard month, why? 'cause this month we have gone from having only 4 to 19 campuses. That's good for bussiness, but not so much when in my area are just the same number of people.

Obviously I started to get out of work really late, but the record was last friday, I left at 11:30 pm, ON FRIDAY!!!

My boss is giving me more administrative work and not just desing, like I was doing, but if I have to check others work, I have less time to do mine.

But in more positive things, I'm learning a lot about how to manage a change of brand, a exponential growth of a company, and looks like soon I'm gonna have a new designer, which is going to help me with all the work that I can see is coming.

I said that work for others sucks 'cause I always wanted to have my own bussines, but I'm aware that I need to learn a lot of things first if I wanna be succesful with that idea.

I let you know if I lose my social life jajaja, well at least my weekends are untouchable jajaja 'cause I used to work on saturday

well bye bye, I'm going now to see G.I Joe, today I'm free!!