Birthday, winning and degree :D

This last week was very interesting and fun, why? 'cause was my birthday, July 8, jajaja I had to work but in the office gave me a pie and sang me the happy birthday, well... not exactly 'cause here in Mexico it's "Las Mañanitas".

From left to right, Martín, me, Mónica, Betty, Lau

Early in the morning my parents gave me a flan, and my mom's gift was a framed picture, when I was swimming with a dolphin. I love it!!.

Mom's gift

All my friends called me and left me messages, but I saw them 'till Friday. We went for a coffee and a really good chat. On Saturday my girlfriend took me to eat sushi and to see a movie.

All my friends called me and left me messages, but I saw them 'till Friday. We went for a coffee and a really good chat. On Saturday my girlfriend took me to eat sushi and to see a movie. Her gift was my new glasses, I don't have it yet but when I do, I'll show you a picture.

At Sunday, my team and I played the finals in one of the tournaments that we are. I thought, it was going to be more difficult, first 'cause the last weekend, I injured my ankle, and the other team was quite good, but I don't know if we were really inspired and concentrated on what we were doing, but we won really easily. And that made me really happy ^^! I love play basketball, it's really fun.

To finish this really long post, I wanna say that today I went to sign my degree, YEAHH!!! Finally!!. Now I just have to wait 'till they send it to my campus so I could go for it.


Welcome everyone!!

Hello everyone, I'm glad announce this new phase in this blog. In this last months i've been making changes in my life and the way I think about a lot of thing. To start this new phase i'm gonna make a summary of my boring life since last year. Well let's begin.

First I finished my career in september, now I'm a Graphic Designer yeahhh!!!, ^^! I started to work before I finish as a trainee in a company call CIE, it's a company that works in the area of entertainment, they manage the ticketmaster system here in Mexico, theaters, and a racetrack just to say some things. I worked in the corporate area, most specifically in the Internal Communication Area, as a Web Designer, working with the intranet, and making banners, updating the red, and of course designing logos, and poster. Was a great job and I learned a lot of things, had a lot of fun, and made really good friends but when I finished school, I wanted a full time job, so i told my boss and she told me that I had to wait at least 3 more months as trainee, obviously I didn't like the idea so I stared to look for another job, a full time job.

My computer on my birthday, they gave me a pie 'cause I don't like cakes ^^'

Beto and Yesenia

Luckily, I got an interview for a job really close to my home, I got to say that in that moment I used to make at least 2 hours to get to my job and other 2 for comeback to my home, so this was a really good opportunity, I went to the interview, and I got it..

I was really happy, but it also was the first time that I was going to renounce from a job, so i didn't know how to tell to my boss. Anyway I told her, she was a little bit shock at first but she is a great person so she understood. She really was a wonderfull boss, and made me improve my skills as a web designer a lot.

But now I was a part of a new company, mmm... well.. a University, yes now I work in a University, in the Marketing Area, lets say that I do all the image for this school and take care the web site, and some times I help other areas if they need something about design or stuff like that

A really good change first of all because I only need 10 minutes to get to my job, that it's the less time I've ever made to get to any place in my life. Nor even when I went to primary school.

And as a consequences of this I have more time to do other things, than just be in the traffic for hours.

And finally, obviously I get a better salary ;), I still work here, I'm happy, my boss is really cool, and I do what I love to do. What else can I ask for in matter of work?

Now in other areas of my life, I decided to start a bussiness with my girlfriend, why? because I don't wanna work for somebody else all my life. We are still preparing the place but really soon I hope will be opening.

Also I started to take lessons of japanese, I really want to go to study, work and live in Japan someday, I think it's a really good place to live for a while.

Well, this first post it's starting to get really long so I'll live it here for today.