Welcome everyone!!

Hello everyone, I'm glad announce this new phase in this blog. In this last months i've been making changes in my life and the way I think about a lot of thing. To start this new phase i'm gonna make a summary of my boring life since last year. Well let's begin.

First I finished my career in september, now I'm a Graphic Designer yeahhh!!!, ^^! I started to work before I finish as a trainee in a company call CIE, it's a company that works in the area of entertainment, they manage the ticketmaster system here in Mexico, theaters, and a racetrack just to say some things. I worked in the corporate area, most specifically in the Internal Communication Area, as a Web Designer, working with the intranet, and making banners, updating the red, and of course designing logos, and poster. Was a great job and I learned a lot of things, had a lot of fun, and made really good friends but when I finished school, I wanted a full time job, so i told my boss and she told me that I had to wait at least 3 more months as trainee, obviously I didn't like the idea so I stared to look for another job, a full time job.

My computer on my birthday, they gave me a pie 'cause I don't like cakes ^^'

Beto and Yesenia

Luckily, I got an interview for a job really close to my home, I got to say that in that moment I used to make at least 2 hours to get to my job and other 2 for comeback to my home, so this was a really good opportunity, I went to the interview, and I got it..

I was really happy, but it also was the first time that I was going to renounce from a job, so i didn't know how to tell to my boss. Anyway I told her, she was a little bit shock at first but she is a great person so she understood. She really was a wonderfull boss, and made me improve my skills as a web designer a lot.

But now I was a part of a new company, mmm... well.. a University, yes now I work in a University, in the Marketing Area, lets say that I do all the image for this school and take care the web site, and some times I help other areas if they need something about design or stuff like that

A really good change first of all because I only need 10 minutes to get to my job, that it's the less time I've ever made to get to any place in my life. Nor even when I went to primary school.

And as a consequences of this I have more time to do other things, than just be in the traffic for hours.

And finally, obviously I get a better salary ;), I still work here, I'm happy, my boss is really cool, and I do what I love to do. What else can I ask for in matter of work?

Now in other areas of my life, I decided to start a bussiness with my girlfriend, why? because I don't wanna work for somebody else all my life. We are still preparing the place but really soon I hope will be opening.

Also I started to take lessons of japanese, I really want to go to study, work and live in Japan someday, I think it's a really good place to live for a while.

Well, this first post it's starting to get really long so I'll live it here for today.

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